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moral expertise conference, princeton

from Spring 2011:

(Again, Pilot PreciseGrip Extra Fine. See all doodles. Usually the stuff I post takes one hour, i.e., the length of a Q&A session, but this one took a couple of hours. It was a two-day conference… or three?)

It was a fun conference. Dana and I went down and stayed with some of her friends there. I got to meet a bunch of other grad students from the area – and lots of professors too. Learned a good deal, and saw lots of our professors present, which was pretty cool.

Also it was the first time I’ve been to Princeton, which is a really pretty, but weird and kind of unnerving campus. Especially since it was some sort of “Spring Weekend”-“Summer Breeze”-weird fest thing going on. Lots of skin showing, accompanied by lots of yelling.


mark schroeder: “is semantics formal?”

From yesterday. He gave me a disturbingly long list of things to read for my dissertation topic.

(Pilot PreciseGrip Extra Fine.)

See em all.

susan wolf: “good-for-nothings”

From a couple of weeks ago (9/16).

Update: forgot to mention, this was a Pilot VBall RT Extra Fine, but ran out halfway through, so it’s part Pilot PreciseGrip Extra Fine. I need to get replacements… that’s a great pen. (Mom gave me a pack like two Christmases ago.)

See em all.

art deco morality

(Bic Cristal)

I guess it’s really more like art deco + art nouveau + arts and crafts… just in case anyone’s keeping score. Anyhow… (very) loose inspiration: the label on this Duchamp/May Ray not-really-readymade.

(See other doodles.)

two things needful

Starting to stress about the upcoming trip and stuff I need to get done before then.  Quick update tonight, enjoy!

My professor actually said this phrase, several times.  And then the song was running through my head the rest of the day. Pretty pleasant. (Get ready to hear some Radiohead, but also be creeped out, if you click that link.)

These are two things needful in an authentic self, says Nietzszche.

Originality helps us know where I end and you begin, says Bernard (<–professor).

anxiety – and pens!

So this is actually pretty awesome.  I discovered completely by accident what happens if you scan something with the lid of the scanner open.  The first time it was just some blurry stuff, then I put a pen on the scanner bed, and it turned out really cool, so I figured I’d do this:

These are the main pens I use for my doodles and the pencil case I made senior year of college. Most of them are from my mom. (^_^) (Look at how low that Bic Cristal is! Good thing they come in packs of a zillion for $2.) They bleed to varying degrees. The bleeding is, for me, one of the most important things. I usually hold the pen against the page for a long time. That’s why I like the otherwise kind of shitty but stand-by Bic. The second from the left is a calligraphy marker.

Anyway, this is starting to be too much text, so on to today’s doodle.

As foreshadowed yesterday, anxiety.  Pretty sure that this captures exactly what anxiety feels like. This is the vague inspiration.

happy independence day!

Happy Independence Day everyone! (Otherwise known, this year, as Independence Bunday!)

These were the closest things to patriotic doodles I could find.  There are two.  First, from existentialism:

As you can see, it’s not that elaborate… but it’s a flag! And some fireworks! … Unfortunately, this was the context:

So, like shame and guilt from a couple of days ago, existentialists also care about fear and anxiety.  This particular section of class was about Heidegger.  (Heidegger says: when things stop being ready-to-hand and start being present-at-hand, then we feel anxiety (Angst*).  Also some stuff about “turning away” and “falling”…)

BUT today, on the Fourth of July, we feel neither fear nor anxiety!  Everything is ready-to-hand, especially hot dogs, potato salad, and fireworks. :)

As for this one, basically the only things it has to do with today are the colors (it’s in color!)… also it’s a pennant, which is a kind of flag….

This is from modal logic: David Lewis was an important guy. We read most of a book by him. People loooove him. He’s pretty awesome I have to say.

So vivid!!!  So exciting!!!


*I had an argument once in Germany with another expat there, and someone asked us what Angst was in English, and he was like, oh Angst is just ‘angst’… and I was like no, dumbass.  And I couldn’t think of the best word for it at the time, but it’s anxiety.  Definitely.  So take that guy.