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nothin says lovin like…

somethin from the liquor cabinet.

i'm proud to say that my dad gave me that stolichnaya.

it's been a long day.

Also, recent cookings (cooksplorations? cooksploits?):

it's turmeric, not saffron.

pretty spices for the below dish.

julie sahni's "tahari"

julie sahni's "tahari"

homemade applesauce!

homemade applesauce!

my new midnight snack

my new midnight snack


catching up

These bunny videos are going to turn my brain to mush.

Also, apparently many medications don’t really expire.  I think my parents said as much, but their view has been corroborated by Pharmacology Today, ooh!

Some pictures to hold you over until I deal with some real scanning.

From summer in Michigan!

cannoli, made by me and nic's great aunt toni

cannoli, made by me and nic's great aunt toni

from up north in MI--my first fish! a 16" smallmouth! :)

from camping up north--my first fish! a 16" smallmouth! :)

Flint pictures!!  (all c/o Leslie, ftr)

flint vehicle city! woo!

flint vehicle city! woo!

leslie and me with the weather ball!!

leslie and me with the weather ball!!

weird waterfall behind um-flint

nic, me, and the weird waterfall behind um-flint

Back in Providence, with Chinese chives from Boston’s Chinatown, I made jiaozi.

making dumplings!

what a setup.

lined up, ready for the pot

lined up, ready for the pot

Recent events: almost done with the Mishima book (so close!!), finished the comic Ramayana, ordered a bunch more Indian comics, received said comics (today!), went to Boston to hang out with B&N friends, went to Ruth’s Chris with a friend here (ribeye, mmm–with a gift card from Ilex!), reading lots of architecture/design blogs (disgustingly fun), watching movies, working.

eat that, julia child!

Latest cooking adventure: tarragon chicken.  From Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Yes yes.

properly trussed and browned on the stovetop

properly trussed (!) and browned on the stovetop

absorbing flavors from onions and carrots... and butter.  lots of butter.

absorbing flavors from onions and carrots... and butter. lots of butter.


after an hour and fifteen minutes in the oven, finished!

The sauce was sooo good.  It was left from the chicken, then had chicken and beef broths added, reduced, and was pretty good.  I think roasted chicken just isn’t that exciting as a food, but the sauce was fantastic.

I spent the day finishing a paper and promptly thereafter escaping to Federal Hill.  The weather’s really starting to get nice.  And Federal Hill is great.  I got a Slurpee, really good pizza, and Kinder chocolates.  Hazelnuts with chocolate is one of the most brilliant food pairings ever.

And Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (the Explorers of Darkness incarnation) is really awesome, at least so far.  I totally don’t care about the mediocre reviews.  I love Pokemon.  I love RPGs.  How could a Pokemon RPG be bad?  Couldn’t.  Isn’t.  I’m a Munchlax.  Look at how adorable he is!  (He’s not the yellow one…)  It just makes me squeal inside with delight.  (Yeah, maybe it is kind of sick.)

red doors, green tomatoes, and david bowie

There are a lot of houses with red front doors in Providence.  I smell a RISD photography thesis project.  Nic’s research reveals that there are many theories behind this phenomenon.  Maybe I was just particularly unobservant before I moved here (though I can’t imagine that that’s the case, given my once borderline obsession with architecture…), but I never noticed red front doors being a thing until I moved here.  I mean, I’ve seen houses with red front doors before, but nothing like this.

Comfort food makes me feel better.

risotto, mmm

I went shopping in Seekonk yesterday and got a mint-colored tomato… it’s like the one on the left here, except a little lighter.  Adorable.

Also, Leslie (best friend, Michigan, photographer) posted the pictures she took of me over winter break.  They’re up on her MySpace account… pretty wild stuff.  Check it out if you’re prepared to see me dressed to the nines wearing lots of makeup and no glasses.  Shameless plug: While you’re there, take a look at her other pictures if you can.

This song takes me back to the summer of 1993, some weird building in Holly where they held Latch Key… Also this song.  God, the nostalgia is overwhelming.  Salt N Pepa is so awesome.  “Girls, what’s my weakness?–Men!”  You got it.  There’s even a Labyrinth shout-out.  Awesome.  I can’t believe people showed that movie to kids.  (My theory: Jim Henson’s happiness had to go into certain muppets… all the unhappy feelings went into other muppets, and thus Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal were born.)  And there seems to be a disturbing cult of people who create YouTube music videos dedicated to the complex relationship between David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.  The internet is amazing.

today’s source of excitement

from long strips to nests.

from long strips to nests.

cranking it through

and this is how the magic happens.

The receipt for the pasta maker is still in the box: 09/09/81… $33.99.  Goodrich Spartan Shoprite.  Sales tax was still 4%.  I hadn’t been born.