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green, starchy, and green and starchy

Green. This one’s from a while ago:

Basically there’s nothing interesting besides – fiddlehead ferns! (Actually, I think that chicken was really good… having a probe thermometer makes a really big difference.) They’re only available like two weeks out of the year, so it was pretty exciting. They taste pretty good… really green.

Starchy. And this one I made like two days ago – it’s INSANELY EASY. And seriously delicious, obviously, since it’s fresh bread: warm, soft, yeasty, a little crunchy…

A fellow philosopher recommended the recipe(ss), and as he explained, “I didn’t know how they got the ‘pocket’ to happen, but I made it, and it just happened!” Reminds me of poori. But yeah, they just inflate in the oven! It’s amazing and wonderful. If you do make them (which you obviously should), the most important part for me was wrapping them with damp paper towels right when they get out, otherwise they are too crunchy and probably wouldn’t be pliable. I couldn’t make whole wheat ones because I couldn’t find either whole wheat bread flour or gluten at my local grocery store.

But seriously, it’s UNBELIEVABLY EASY. A one-armed infant monkey could make them. (Well maybe not, but they are really easy…)

And of course I made hummus to eat with them, but I guess I don’t have a picture of that. It looks like hummus. But I think it’s pretty good – I’ve combined some different recipes into one I like a lot: besides basic stuff (tahini, chickpeas, garlic, salt), it has yogurt (for creaminess), olive oil, and lots of cayenne and some fresh mint (heats you up, then cools you down!).

Green and starchy. As you may recall from this post, I sometimes make pasta. So I finally decided to try spinach pasta, and it’s (1) beautiful, and (2) really, really delicious. These pictures are from, uh, March maybe? I used Marcella Hazan’s recipe (if that weren’t obvious, since basically everything that I make that’s Italian is from her cookbooks).

This + tomato-onion-butter sauce = silky, to die for.

Also my adviser said that I have to make a couple of Marcella’s recipes for artichokes… so I guess I have to learn to like those. I trust Marcella… maybe my adviser, we’ll see.

P.S. There’s now a ‘cooking’ category and tag, so here’s a link to all the cooking posts over the past 2.5 years.


the most amazing ice cream recipe book

So I went to a conference in Princeton a few weeks ago, and another graduate student recommended this ice cream recipe book to me. (I have the ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer.)  So I got it, and it’s simply amazing.

A selection of recipes: pear-pecorino, saffron, black pepper, malted milk, goat cheese, avocado, and also classic flavors that you’d expect.  Plus there’s a whole section on sorbets, granitas, extras for putting *in* the ice cream (like candied citrus peels, hot chocolate drizzles, etc.)… and the first recipe Dana and I made was milk chocolate ice cream.  It was really, really good.  I’d never had milk chocolate ice cream before…. it’s SO milky.  We used Lindt milk chocolate bars (>30% cocoa solids) and Ghirardelli dark chocolate for the slivers.

Also, by the way: turns out that good ice cream is really unhealthy.

I hope the picture below has captured a fraction of the awesomeness.

UPDATE: The book is The Perfect Scoop by David Liebovitz.

update, with macaroons!

Listening to Eminem, just noticed this line for the first time:

Love is evil, spell it backwards, I’ll show ya.

Evol? Ehh, sure. I like Eminem a lot so I’ll let it go.

Haven’t posted in a while. Been really busy, surprisingly. Nic’s in Kathmandu; I’ve got a new roommate, a friend of ours from the program. It’s going very smoothly and well so far. I’m taking two classes this semester and sitting in on a third: modal logic (or for the more serious, the SEP entry), a Hume seminar with Korsgaard at Harvard, and a seminar on “new wave reasons realism” (I first wrote “new rave…” wouldn’t that be awesome?).

I’m learning to cook some new stuff thanks to my roommate, which is a lot of fun. We’re cooking each others’ staple dishes, which means learning time-tried recipes, which is always great.

But there’s still room sometimes for new ones:

they were strategically colored for the superbowl... but it didn't come out that well: yellow batter with green frosting for GB, with red frosting for Pittsburgh... eh.

Close up!!!

oh yeah, those are bunnies.

Just imagine how white they’d have been if we hadn’t added yellow food coloring to the meringue!  But whoo-ey were the delicious. Wow, they’ve definitely been added to my list of impress-people dishes. Crispy outside, soft inside… softest butteriest buttercream frosting (secret: stiff egg whites folded in).

That’s it for now. Dinner calls.

i need someone to remind me…

… why I haven’t moved to Japan yet.


I also need someone to console me about only *now* finding so many things I want for Christmas.

Seriously, go to that website and see the machine that makes kawaii bunny-shaped macaroons.

gobhi matar rasedar

“Cauliflower, Green Peas, and Potatoes in Spicy Herb Sauce” (p. 256, Julie Sahni, Classic Indian Cooking)

Sounds delicious, right?  It was okay, in the end.  Like Indian soup.  Pretty good, but I probably won’t make it again unless I’m in the mood for a change-of-pace soup.

I do love that this recipe’s third step is “Measure out all spices and place them, and all the vegetables, right next to the stove.”  It did require some quick action, I’ll say.

I don’t usually talk about movies I see on here, but I saw District 9 finally… and I don’t get it, I didn’t think it was that great… what happened?  Everyone else said it was SOOO good, best movie of the year, a new precedent for cinematic sci-fi, blah blah blah.  I don’t know, the genre-bending didn’t seem very purposeful, and


I honestly didn’t get why the main alien just left all his ‘people’ at the end.  I mean, I get the Kafka reference, sure… but okay, allusions don’t inherently make something better.  And I thought it was supposed to make some deep point about apartheid, and I just didn’t see it.  Like, I know apartheid was bad… seems like lots of people know that.  It’s not a novel insight to say that the Other is sometimes more like us than we imagine… I don’t think, at least.  And I didn’t even think it said that in a particularly poetic or moving way.  Anyway, I’m going to stop now – just had to get that off my chest.


This week was really busy!  Sarah came to visit for Thanksgiving from Wednesday to Friday, then I wrote all weekend.

Since this semester has been so busy, I haven’t been cooking a whole lot, so I made a huge exception for Thanksgiving!

the adventure begins. brining the turkey, 11:30pm thanksgiving eve.

oven prep, approximately 1:00pm. status: still pasty.

done, approximately 5:00pm. status: too hot to eat. p.s. i used a probe thermometer. boo poppers.

Clockwise from central empty blue plate: chanterelle and pear stuffing, nic's brother's wine, brown sugar glazed yams, corn with mint, cumin and cayenne mashed potatoes, cauliflower with sage and lemon.

cleaned wishbone, approx. 6:30pm.

approximately 6:31pm. note: apparently, if you don't let the wishbone dry before breaking, it's really flexible. we had to try again later. nic won.

And last, but not least:

the first pecan pie i've ever made or had! only unhealthy, delicious things are in this pie. except pecans, but any nutritional value must have suffocated in there. approx. 8:30pm.

i used the food processor for the crust this time. silver palate filling.

So, that was my Thanksgiving.  That pecan pie was great.  I really like making pies even though I don’t really like eating them.  (But I found out that I really like pecan pie.  Lord, it’s basically just eggs, sugar, corn syrup, butter, and pecans… How could it be bad? It couldn’t. That’s how.)

You know, in some songs, Lady GaGa sounds sort of like Gwen Stefani. Also, she’s my new idol. (Thank you Mark.) (<–totally not ironic.)

Ohhhkay, back to the grind.  Two presentations this week, and many papers due in the next several.  But I turned one in today.  That’s something, right?

purple cauliflower

Zounds!  At the supermarket the other day, Nic and I got the following exciting item:

cauliflower, new member of the family orchidae

It doesn’t taste much different than regular cauliflower.

Also, I was sick for a few days during and after the conference.  But my plan this time around was to eat a lot.  Usually I just drink a lot of liquids and sleep excessively, but this time, I also took medicine (somewhat of a rarity for me) and ate way more than normal.  And I think it helped!  I’m almost all better!  Last time I got this cold was while I was moving–it lasted for a month and I lost my voice completely.  So I think I did better this time.

so much sodium

Then, today, I made this:

the classy black background is my sweatshirt

… in an effort to rip off this:

It’s like $200 and I spent just over $5 and an hour making it.  So there!  (Although I made a bracelet… I thought it was one when I saw the picture initially, and I like it better that way still.  And my fingers still hurt from working with the tiny metal pieces.)