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my jewelry, now available in a real store!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to sell my jewelry at a local store, Queen of Hearts/Modern Love. (It’s two storefronts that are linked together, like uhh, Gap and Gap Kids, you know? How there’s like a hole in the wall where you can go through to the other one? But just one owner.)

So I designed (DIY-ed) some jewelry display cards for both the necklaces and earrings. I think they look pretty cool actually! And they match my new business cards (which I may not have posted anywhere… I’ll get on that, too).

Those are some earrings I made. These seem to be a perennial hit, and I need to get around to making, photographing, and posting more of them in different variations (different color pearls and wire).

Notice the letterpress-ish detail in the corner. It’s actually made with a metal stamp, but looks pretty cool, huh? Also that’s the logo I designed… Not exactly professional quality, but I’m not exactly a professional.

For internet wanderers who may be wondering how I did this: I used a metal ruler to fold a normal size business card in half (I don’t have a bone folder or anything), stuck it with some double-sided tape (that stuff is seriously SO strong!), and used a hole punch for the hole. And decorated as I pleased. :)

In other news: I DID MY TAXES TODAY!!!! YAAYYYY – that refund is coming my way!!!!!


Thanks everyone! 100!!!

An item of mine got featured in an Etsy email this week! (It wasn’t the only one – it was one among many items featured).

But as of today, I hit ONE HUNDRED SALES! YAY!

Thanks everyone! I’m still having fun doing this and I’m pretty happy with how the store is going! I will say – I’m thinking of renaming though… a new name is in the works. More details to come!


Long time, no write!

Well, here’s what I’ve been up to:

^^ My spokes-pig holding one of my business cards.

I’ve started an Etsy account selling jewelry!  It’s a hobby and I’ve already had a couple sales, pretty exciting! Check it out and spread the word.

I also (I guess obviously) designed that banner at the top of my Etsy page.

General update: the hurricane/tropical storm was a paltry couple hours of rain once it arrived here. My friend Dani visited this past weekend, though, and it was really nice and relaxing to just hang out. TAing for existentialism… we’ll see how that goes. Classes I’m taking seem to be going well so far.

pretty dry

around here lately, at least for news.  Pretty wet for weather.

Just working on school stuff.  Term papers, miscellaneous reading.

I just finished Maus, what a sad story.  Good, though.  I really liked it.

Went to a metaethics conference at MIT on Friday – that was fun.  Worked at the flower shop on Monday, also fun.  Marianne and I listened to 70s funk all day long and she loved it.  When Earth, Wind & Fire came on, I told her how much I love them, and she said her first favorite music was Carole King, but second was them.  So we bonded for sure.

I’m not the biggest fan of Jenny Holzer (strikes me as a little gimmicky or something), but this South Africa business reminded me of a quote of hers I do like:

“In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy”

Apparently she went to RISD.  Huh.

I’m working on some jewelry… here’s a little sneak peek: