my jewelry, now available in a real store!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to sell my jewelry at a local store, Queen of Hearts/Modern Love. (It’s two storefronts that are linked together, like uhh, Gap and Gap Kids, you know? How there’s like a hole in the wall where you can go through to the other one? But just one owner.)

So I designed (DIY-ed) some jewelry display cards for both the necklaces and earrings. I think they look pretty cool actually! And they match my new business cards (which I may not have posted anywhere… I’ll get on that, too).

Those are some earrings I made. These seem to be a perennial hit, and I need to get around to making, photographing, and posting more of them in different variations (different color pearls and wire).

Notice the letterpress-ish detail in the corner. It’s actually made with a metal stamp, but looks pretty cool, huh? Also that’s the logo I designed… Not exactly professional quality, but I’m not exactly a professional.

For internet wanderers who may be wondering how I did this: I used a metal ruler to fold a normal size business card in half (I don’t have a bone folder or anything), stuck it with some double-sided tape (that stuff is seriously SO strong!), and used a hole punch for the hole. And decorated as I pleased. :)

In other news: I DID MY TAXES TODAY!!!! YAAYYYY – that refund is coming my way!!!!!


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