infelicitous phrasing

A sentence found in the wild (of college papers):
“Scientifically speaking when we view something of color light is reflecting off of that particular object…”

Ignoring the lack of commas, but “something of color”?

Briefly, Google hit tallies:

“person of color” ——- 4,040,000
“persons of color” —– 2,650,000
“people of color” ——- 14,000,000
(“women of color” + “woman of color” = 5,840,000
“men of color” + “man of color” = 8,460,000)


“thing of color” ——— 40,200
“something of color” — 38,700 
(Two orders of magnitude fewer hits!)

Hmmm. Sounds like a task for Language Log.


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