moral expertise conference, princeton

from Spring 2011:

(Again, Pilot PreciseGrip Extra Fine. See all doodles. Usually the stuff I post takes one hour, i.e., the length of a Q&A session, but this one took a couple of hours. It was a two-day conference… or three?)

It was a fun conference. Dana and I went down and stayed with some of her friends there. I got to meet a bunch of other grad students from the area – and lots of professors too. Learned a good deal, and saw lots of our professors present, which was pretty cool.

Also it was the first time I’ve been to Princeton, which is a really pretty, but weird and kind of unnerving campus. Especially since it was some sort of “Spring Weekend”-“Summer Breeze”-weird fest thing going on. Lots of skin showing, accompanied by lots of yelling.


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