new computer! a tale in pictures.

starting at the beginning

look, mom!

the cpu is IN! and seems to be flanked by ... tiny engines?

now this is a heatsink

thermal paste applied, heatsink IN! also what looks to be another engine, this time a V8. (actually it's the chipset: intel p67.)


quick fast-forward through some relatively uninteresting steps to.... DONE! power supply on the bottom left, network card above that, and graphics card (with fan) above that, heatsink you remember, two sticks of bright blue ram to the right of it, and column of drive slots on the far right (one holding an intel 120gb SSD!)

for contrast: my insanely old, very first personal computer, thank you, and may you rest in peace.

my sweet new tower (er, "chassis"... can you believe it's called that?)

and from the side

and my sleek new keyboard: ultra-thin, laptop-style keys, and SOLAR POWERED.

and of course it's wireless, and got the black-white thing going on

power meter that brings up an awesome screen when i press it, telling me how much light it's getting and how much charge it has

FINISHED! (despite the old monitor and a crappy, not pictured mouse, both which will be replaced eventually...)


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