Well, I’m in Bangkok! In a really fancy hotel in Sukhumvit.

Kathmandu was insane. Pictures to follow once I’m back in the US.

Bangkok is really hot, much hotter than Kathmandu, and really humid.  And we got here just as the sun was setting, so we haven’t felt the brunt of it yet.

But we just had really awesome, delicious Thai food for dinner, and went for a short walk and saw some weird flavored things at convenience stores (need to try). And people eating fried bugs, more massage parlors than we could count, and lots of cats.


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  1. Yay! I’m now subscribed as well… and umm… asod jacvprjvac lsjf you went to Nepal?!! I’m at work right now so I will have to give this all a good reading later but man that’s amazing! I used to work at a Nepalese restaurant in Edinburgh and everything about it was great (people, FOOD) so I’m totally jealous!

  2. haha yeah! i’m prepping more posts about the trip…! i’m looking forward to reading about d.c. and your adventures being an american again! ;)

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