anxiety – and pens!

So this is actually pretty awesome.  I discovered completely by accident what happens if you scan something with the lid of the scanner open.  The first time it was just some blurry stuff, then I put a pen on the scanner bed, and it turned out really cool, so I figured I’d do this:

These are the main pens I use for my doodles and the pencil case I made senior year of college. Most of them are from my mom. (^_^) (Look at how low that Bic Cristal is! Good thing they come in packs of a zillion for $2.) They bleed to varying degrees. The bleeding is, for me, one of the most important things. I usually hold the pen against the page for a long time. That’s why I like the otherwise kind of shitty but stand-by Bic. The second from the left is a calligraphy marker.

Anyway, this is starting to be too much text, so on to today’s doodle.

As foreshadowed yesterday, anxiety.  Pretty sure that this captures exactly what anxiety feels like. This is the vague inspiration.

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