happy independence day!

Happy Independence Day everyone! (Otherwise known, this year, as Independence Bunday!)

These were the closest things to patriotic doodles I could find.  There are two.  First, from existentialism:

As you can see, it’s not that elaborate… but it’s a flag! And some fireworks! … Unfortunately, this was the context:

So, like shame and guilt from a couple of days ago, existentialists also care about fear and anxiety.  This particular section of class was about Heidegger.  (Heidegger says: when things stop being ready-to-hand and start being present-at-hand, then we feel anxiety (Angst*).  Also some stuff about “turning away” and “falling”…)

BUT today, on the Fourth of July, we feel neither fear nor anxiety!  Everything is ready-to-hand, especially hot dogs, potato salad, and fireworks. :)

As for this one, basically the only things it has to do with today are the colors (it’s in color!)… also it’s a pennant, which is a kind of flag….

This is from modal logic: David Lewis was an important guy. We read most of a book by him. People loooove him. He’s pretty awesome I have to say.

So vivid!!!  So exciting!!!


*I had an argument once in Germany with another expat there, and someone asked us what Angst was in English, and he was like, oh Angst is just ‘angst’… and I was like no, dumbass.  And I couldn’t think of the best word for it at the time, but it’s anxiety.  Definitely.  So take that guy.


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