adventures in grading + Sartre

“In addition to being an exceptionally unusual scenario, it is one of the most common…”


So I’m now the TA for a summer course on existentialism (for high schoolers).  I TAed basically the same course last fall, so I’ve done pretty much all the readings already.  I’ve also heard most of the lectures before, but sit in most days just to refresh for grading and in case the professor says something new.  But this means that I do a LOT of doodles in class.  It’s almost three hours a day, every weekday for three weeks.  (Week two just finished.)

So get ready because I finally scanned them in … also I had a huge backlog anyway.  So goal for the next couple weeks before I leave for Nepal: upload a doodle a day!  So stay tuned for some fun – here’s the first one… (see them all)

Inspired by the famous example. (<–Google Books is awesome.)

This has nothing to do with existentialism. But what a pretty little lily of the valley!


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