the foundations

This is an old one from … last spring, I guess.  Inspired by the Republic.  Also, just so you all know, people in philosophy become unreasonably fixated on stock examples.  “It’s raining outside,” “Snow is white,” red apples, and of course: Socrates is a man./All men are mortal./You know the rest.  I guess the form of a couch is a minor one of those. (The interested should direct their attention to Republic 597.)

yep, that's chocolate in the corner of that napkin.

You like that Le Corbusier two-seater?  I guess it’s not perfectly accurate.  What do you want, though… it was seminar after all, and I’m no design student.

Ahhgh, I’ve been working so much this long weekend.  Presentation Wednesday (plus problem set due), then finally I can breathe a little.

After a long day of work finished (culminating in a short paper turned in at 6:30), just relaxing a little and listening to “Build Me Up Buttercup”.  What an awesome song, haha.  How long until “haha” is in the dictionary? Maybe it already is…

I started watching The Wire yesterday!  Exciting stuff… baltimore… drugs… rawls… et cetera.


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  1. Posted by Nic on February 22, 2011 at 6:21 am

    I’m confused, what does John Rawls have to do with The Wire?

  2. rawls is one of the characters… also rawls was from baltimore (IRL). as far as sean has told me, there’s no other real connection.

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