update on the doodles tag

Okay, so that sucked, sorry. I foolishly assumed that inserting a “doodles” tag would link to things on my blog which I had tagged that way… but apparently not.  If you clicked on it, you found out that it directs to ALL posts with that tag ANYWHERE on WordPress.  Really?  Is that what I wanted?  No.  No it’s not.  Is that what *anyone* who uses tags wants?  I can’t imagine it is… I mean, there’s a global search function for posts on WordPress; and who wants to direct traffic away from their own blog?  What the hell?

So here’s what happened. There’s this “Categories” function, which was what I thought I had to use.  But I went and redid them all, and tested the link, and  you know what happened?

I’m so so mad at WordPress right now.

-deep breath-

Apparently categories are EXACTLY THE SAME AS TAGS.  They (<– the man) pretend that categories are in some sense “broader” notions than tags, i.e., they can be used for functionally different roles.  But really they’re the same thing.  The same goddamn useless thing.

So here’s the deal:
It seems that you have to MANUALLY TYPE (I’ll type it for you) to get what you want.  CLICKING the links where it says “Posted by okalexk in doodles. Tagged: doodles.” will NOT help you if you’re looking for posts on only MY BLOG.  It’s ALL global.  What the fuck. Why would you do this, WordPress?

And not just that.

The links that it automatically gives on the post are to http://en.wordpress.com/tag/doodles, which is, I assume, to all of the English-language WordPress users’ posts tagged this way.  AND: the url for the category is EXACTLY THE SAME.  IT’S THE SAME URL!  So really how you have to do it is this: https://okalexk.wordpress.com/tags/doodles

And even then, of course, the results aren’t expanded.  God damn you WordPress.

This is enraging.  There must be some way of doing this…. (probably, I presume, this is a paid feature only? Maybe? I’d be pissed if I were paying and it weren’t available though…).

Also: one more annoyance: typing into the search bar at the top of the blog (Search This Blog) of course only searches titles and content, in particular not tags or categories.  Figures.


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