new feature (i.e., any feature)

So I figured I’d actually put a regular feature on my blog. Kind of weird, I know. Here’s the story: I do a lot of doodling in classes and at Q&A at colloquia, and people have suggested I put it on the internet (sorry, Internet!).

I guess there are already a couple of these on the blog elsewhere, which I’ve retroactively tagged. (My most prized is of course the Berkeley quote that still inspires me.)

Soon I’ll actually scan stuff, but for now it’s just crappy old photos in bad lighting with repeated post-production sharpening. I guess I should include a little thing about these doodles: Scott Sturgeon gave a series of talks here which will become a book published by Blackwell, or something like that.  It’s a thing that happens every, um, three years, I think.  Nice guy – he was a visiting scholar here last semester.  The talks were interesting, if above my head – about philosophy of mind/philosophy of perception stuff. I won’t bore with further details.

the title of this talk was "thick confidence"

nonstandard ligature! (i think?)

it's *thick* confidence. get it? thick.

I don’t remember what pen I used… probably this Uni-Ball Vision Elite micro tip that’s floating around in my bag.


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  1. Posted by Dad on February 20, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Blackwell. Basil Blackwell had a bookstore near Oxford University. He had the most complete supply of books published by Oxford university press. In recent years he( the company) has undertaken publishing books.

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