update, with macaroons!

Listening to Eminem, just noticed this line for the first time:

Love is evil, spell it backwards, I’ll show ya.

Evol? Ehh, sure. I like Eminem a lot so I’ll let it go.

Haven’t posted in a while. Been really busy, surprisingly. Nic’s in Kathmandu; I’ve got a new roommate, a friend of ours from the program. It’s going very smoothly and well so far. I’m taking two classes this semester and sitting in on a third: modal logic (or for the more serious, the SEP entry), a Hume seminar with Korsgaard at Harvard, and a seminar on “new wave reasons realism” (I first wrote “new rave…” wouldn’t that be awesome?).

I’m learning to cook some new stuff thanks to my roommate, which is a lot of fun. We’re cooking each others’ staple dishes, which means learning time-tried recipes, which is always great.

But there’s still room sometimes for new ones:

they were strategically colored for the superbowl... but it didn't come out that well: yellow batter with green frosting for GB, with red frosting for Pittsburgh... eh.

Close up!!!

oh yeah, those are bunnies.

Just imagine how white they’d have been if we hadn’t added yellow food coloring to the meringue!  But whoo-ey were the delicious. Wow, they’ve definitely been added to my list of impress-people dishes. Crispy outside, soft inside… softest butteriest buttercream frosting (secret: stiff egg whites folded in).

That’s it for now. Dinner calls.


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