25 Authentic Asian Experiences

I don’t know about this list. What about 25 Authentic American Experiences? 1. Catch a baseball at a Yankees game. How many people do you think have done that? Is it paradigmatically American? What about “sit around on the internet” and “complain about gas prices”? I’ll bet every American who is physically able has done those things.

Seems like the authentic Asian experiences should be more like:
-live in a 10 square foot room with 5-8 other family members and your spouse
-complain about how your daughter is fat/son needs to be a provider
-work really really hard, and its companion…
-always feel like you haven’t achieved enough
-fight through the dirty, noisy market crowd and incessantly haggle to get the best deal
-constantly express your love for unity and Marx
-spit in the road
-eat a lot of rice (not from a rice cooker) and drink a lot of warm water and weak tea

I guess I’m just bitter because I don’t think that it’s realistic to be a tourist and have authentic [people of the place] experiences… I mean, really, it doesn’t seem like drinking a pint of Pilsener Urquell in Prague or taking the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower are *authentic* Czech or *authentic* Parisian/French experiences. You don’t feel the same way they feel when they do those things. You’re like “Oooh, finally, a real Urquell!” and they’re like, “Ehhh I hate my job, gimme another beer. No not that Urquell stuff, whatever’s the cheapest you got.”

Which isn’t to say you can’t have fun experiences (hell, I love to travel too!), but this list just makes salient things I hate about tourism and tourists. “Oh my GAWD look they really LIVE here like THIS isn’t it so quaint and DARLING (squeal!)!!!” Bleehh.


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  1. Posted by Dad on January 30, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    I’ve been to the Tokyo Dome and unless there are seats lower than we had, it would not be possible to catch a fly ball. Maybe a foul ball. Or you could pay 800 yen for a beer!( think 100 yen=$1.00).

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