gobhi matar rasedar

“Cauliflower, Green Peas, and Potatoes in Spicy Herb Sauce” (p. 256, Julie Sahni, Classic Indian Cooking)

Sounds delicious, right?  It was okay, in the end.  Like Indian soup.  Pretty good, but I probably won’t make it again unless I’m in the mood for a change-of-pace soup.

I do love that this recipe’s third step is “Measure out all spices and place them, and all the vegetables, right next to the stove.”  It did require some quick action, I’ll say.

I don’t usually talk about movies I see on here, but I saw District 9 finally… and I don’t get it, I didn’t think it was that great… what happened?  Everyone else said it was SOOO good, best movie of the year, a new precedent for cinematic sci-fi, blah blah blah.  I don’t know, the genre-bending didn’t seem very purposeful, and


I honestly didn’t get why the main alien just left all his ‘people’ at the end.  I mean, I get the Kafka reference, sure… but okay, allusions don’t inherently make something better.  And I thought it was supposed to make some deep point about apartheid, and I just didn’t see it.  Like, I know apartheid was bad… seems like lots of people know that.  It’s not a novel insight to say that the Other is sometimes more like us than we imagine… I don’t think, at least.  And I didn’t even think it said that in a particularly poetic or moving way.  Anyway, I’m going to stop now – just had to get that off my chest.

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  1. Posted by Dani on September 14, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Hey, so I don’t feel that strongly about District 9 either way, although I will say that I did like it in general, I thought I should say that I’m pretty sure the main alien left to go get help from his home planet, because their ship broke down and most of the aliens were to stupid to do anything. I think it was borrowing a little bit from Ender’s Game and the bugger population, where the only intelligent one is the queen. Or maybe it’s just been awhile since I’ve seen the movie and I’m borrowing a bit from Ender’s Game…

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