So for those of you who don’t know, I got a new phone a couple months ago, and I love it (I lurve it, I loave it, I luff it).  Why do I love it?  It’s square, and I just generally love square things.  I love square plates, square photos and prints, square vases, square jewelry, and the list goes on.  I think they look modern and sleek and cool.

So this is my new phone.

Okay, so that’s a glamour shot.  It functions like this:

And that’s why it’s called the Nokia Twist.  And it’s super cool and looks so sleek and just rad.  And here’s the thing: I’m not ashamed (okay, a little ashamed) to admit that part of what I like about it is that nobody else has it – hell nobody else even knows it exists, even though it’s right there at the Verizon store.  Also, I hook it to a wallet chain and I can’t get enough of clanging around like it’s 1995.

But then I saw this on a design blog I follow (here’s the (brief) story):

Damn you Motorola.

Okay, okay.  I know it’s silly.  I should be happy other people are going to appreciate it, and maybe square things will proliferate because of it.  They’re both really cool design objects I think.  And unfortunately I have to confess there are things about Motorola’s that definitely look nicer… though that big M logo in the top left corner isn’t one of them, yick.

Okay, so maybe a little bit of I-knew-that-indie-band-before-they-were-on-the-radio-and-every-yuppie-wannabe-thought-they-were-sweet going on here, but there’s also a little bit (though admittedly significantly less) of i-like-them-so-i’m-also-really-happy-for-their-success-and-they-totally-deserve-it… But it’s a little different because it’s a TOTAL RIPOFF.  (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, boo.)

Also, FYI, Motorola, “Pivot in Style” is a terrible tagline.  You need better advertisers/marketers.  (And you called it the Flipout, allowing angry people like me to make angry, yet incredibly clever and catchy subject lines like this one.)


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