mackinac island (michigan, part 1)

So Danielle and I drove up to Mackinac Island to see Tina.  (Both girls have been friends of mine since middle school (maybe elementary for Tina?).)  Tina works on Mackinac Island during the summers at a salon.  We got free facials – yeah, you bet we did, and it was awesome.

danielle (l) and tina (r), so summery.

And we went on two circum-island bike trips (ftr, ~8 miles).  For one, Danielle and I rode a tandem… and we sucked so bad at first, and the lady didn’t even warn us it was going to be hard so we weren’t prepared at all.  A rough first ten minutes, but after that it all settled down and went pretty smoothly.  If you’re interested, it’s all about the strong push-off.

seriously, i photoshop some stuff, but i didn't do anything to this picture, no color correcting at all!

this is the kind of picture i'd use to design a line of paints for benjamin moore and i'd have a bunch of those little rectangular swatch cards with different shades and names like "mackinac breeze" and "high tide" and everyone's interiors would be more beautiful because of it.

We also walked around a lot, and I always had my camera because of random shots like this (we were at the time walking our bikes up a colossal hill).

okay, so i confess to photoshopping this one a bit... but just for lighting! seriously, to expose for the clouds and still get some green below is hard and my camera's not that good... and it looks better than this in real life, of course.

And Danielle and I had high tea one afternoon at the Grand Hotel (see further below), and it was expensive, and the tea wasn’t amazing (only English breakfast, really?), but the finger food was good.  And yes, that’s champagne you see.  And if you squint, maybe you can spot the roe.  And there was a woman playing a massive harp the whole time.  Also, there was a wedding while we were having tea.  Seriously, people were just getting married right on the porch outside.

yeah, orchids are edible. yeah, i ate a couple petals. no, it wasn't amazing. what was amazing was the clotted cream. oh yeah, clotted cream and jam on a heart-shaped scone. doesn't get any better on a vaycay.

some people on the porch. not associated with the wedding. that jacket, those off-white shoes, her clutch... so perfectly island resort.

And then there was leaving, and the ferry gave some great photo ops.

*that* shot... (the grand hotel)

and an unstaged spin on that shot. yeeahh, scrapbook jackpot.

And one last shot from land (south shore, in Mackinaw City).

our lovely bridge and sky and water and grass and people... and it's freshwater. which of course is better than saltwater.

I learned a song about that bridge when I was in fifth grade.  Oh shit, get ready for this link, you might wanna sit down: I was just like this.  And you bet I sang it on this trip.

That was one awesome trip.  What did I learn?  (1) People who live there for the summer, well just imagine summer camp except everyone can drink… a lot (no cars) and there are no counselors.  (Hello debauchery.)  (2) Joanne’s has the best fudge. (3) They have a school and the highest ACT score ever there is a proud 22.  And that guy was so proud. (4) Deep fried pickles? Not actually very good. (5) Saltwater taffy is everywhere, even places where you wouldn’t guess it would be, like a freshwater island resort.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Danielle on August 26, 2010 at 9:44 am

    I love everything about this post! Freshwater IS so much better, and that’s why Michigan is awesome. I’m still lamenting the fact that I didn’t get that Michigan-shaped petosky stone necklace, haha, although I’ve made use of the mugs and they are as awesome as we imagined. Seriously, lattes just taste better in them.

    To expand on your theme: Things I learned in Mackinac: (1) People probably shouldn’t talk about buying $4,000 papyrus for a person they met 36 hours ago in a state with 12% unemployment (I’m seriously still not over that). (2) ‘Fugde = horse shit’ jokes just aren’t funny over the age of 12. Really. (3) I was apparently deprived at Holly Elementary as I did NOT learn that song! (4) Fish eggs taste as nasty as they look. (5) Hot pink nails are awesome!

  2. Posted by okalexk on August 26, 2010 at 11:56 am

    Haha, yes yes! How could I have forgotten, I definitely am with you on your Things I Learned list. Although I don’t hate fish eggs. ;)

    OMG and afterward – I for sure was at Great Lakes Crossing at the Michigan-themed store and bought that petoskey necklace. :D

  3. Posted by Tina on August 29, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Awwwwww!! I just finally was able to look at this! So cute!

  4. Posted by okalexk on August 29, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    :) I’m glad you like! Hope things are good!!! When is Colorado happening??

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