Goin home

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately.  BUT – I’m done TAing, and now it’s back to work.  Gotta do some grading (very minimal, don’t worry) still, but that’s no big deal.  And I’m writing an introduction to a paper that will be done tonight!  Scratch off one incomplete! … with 8,000 words of Plato-ey goodness.  Well, soon, at least.  (But really, it’ll be very soon.  Tonight, seriously.)

Aaaand, also coming soon: home!  Tuesday, Nic and I are flying back to the good ol’ DTW, and I’ll see my parents (who just last week broke down and entered the 21st century with a broadband connection,* congratulations! Welcome!!!).  But my little vacation will be pretty busy!

July 27: arrive home.
July 28-Aug 1: Mackinac Island!  Danielle and Tina and summery beach tiny resort island car-less walking fudgey colonial revival fun!
Aug 6-8: Lollapalooza! Friends! Chicago! Lady Gaga! (probably I’ll be there more than those three days, though – Oak Park, I’m looking at you! … I hope!)
Aug 14: back to PVD.

Maybe a longer update in the works, but for now, an introduction is halfway written, burning to be finished.**

Last thing: Whole Foods has the most delicious lemon garlic green olives on the face of the planet (it’s good fat!).  Or at least in Providence.  From what I know.  Anyhow, they’re really good.  Worth the steep price.


*the last straw: finding out that Skype allows free member-to-member international calls.  For someone who lives across the globe from much of her family and many of her oldest friends, that turned out to be a pretty big deal.

**In case you were wondering, here’s a reminder of how blogging can be happening at this juncture in completion.


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