adventures in upholstery

First and foremost:  Ahem, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  Do something good for (or better, with!) your Dad.

Thanks for everything, Dad!  Hope you have a great day!!  Open the card!!  Did you notice the cool stamp??

*          *          *

My first experience with upholstery was yesterday.  I mean, my first experience doing upholstery.  Of course I’ve encountered upholstery in general before.  I have sat on couches and slept in beds before (for the record).

(Which reminds me: while my TA reviews were generally really positive, one student said I was too nitpicky.  Unfortunately (or not?) it’s a chronic condition that accompanies philosophical study.  Welcome to the field!)

So, here’s the upholstery saga.

a $5 salvation army footstool, which i will use as a sewing machine stool/chair. you can't tell, but the fabric is pretty poor quality, just thin cotton over slightly lumpy something...

and it begins. like a trip back in time...

aaand suddenly it's very old and dirty

aaand this layer was apparently *sewn* onto the previous layer, rather than stapled or nailed... seems much harder. and, why wouldn't you just remove it?

so, so dirty. the picture really doesn't do it justice.

mmm, fading. weird, since it was the underside. i guess those fade, too, somehow. (air? ...?)

aaand now i guess we see why it didn't get replaced. also, why it was lumpy.

just for sake of thoroughness, the final layer.

one 15" x 17" x 1" piece of foam, and only that tiny eep left over. so efficient!

looks okay underneath. (thanks to my new staplegun! :D ) not pro, but hey. and! i remembered to cut holes for the screws!

yay! done! with fabric i was given from scraps at the boston design center! that's some fancy fabric! (even intended for upholstery!)

Welp, that’s one craft project out of the way!  More coming… I hope.

(And don’t worry, I did read about Plato yesterday, too.  But I can’t read secondary literature about the Republic *all* day.)


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  1. Posted by Dad on July 1, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Yeah, I noticed the stamp. Thanks for everything. I still have the t shirt too!

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