pretty dry

around here lately, at least for news.  Pretty wet for weather.

Just working on school stuff.  Term papers, miscellaneous reading.

I just finished Maus, what a sad story.  Good, though.  I really liked it.

Went to a metaethics conference at MIT on Friday – that was fun.  Worked at the flower shop on Monday, also fun.  Marianne and I listened to 70s funk all day long and she loved it.  When Earth, Wind & Fire came on, I told her how much I love them, and she said her first favorite music was Carole King, but second was them.  So we bonded for sure.

I’m not the biggest fan of Jenny Holzer (strikes me as a little gimmicky or something), but this South Africa business reminded me of a quote of hers I do like:

“In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy”

Apparently she went to RISD.  Huh.

I’m working on some jewelry… here’s a little sneak peek:


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