artforum rage

I love looking at the ads in Artforum, but I am getting SO SICK of seeing exhibition ads with the same old all-caps sans serif Helvetica or would-be Helvetica.  Those stupid curled R kicks drive me nuts!  See here and here.

And it’s like, out of what must be at least a hundred pages’ worth of ads, I noticed maybe a dozen that had serif fonts (many not even all caps – WOW what a revolution!) and a single one that had semi-serifs (all caps).  It’s not that I think there isn’t a place for graphic ad design like that, it’s just that, really?  Everywhere?  And in Artforum, which you might think would have advertisements that were more forward-thinking than that.

Okay, deep breath.

Yesterday, I finally potted the succulent garden I’ve been thinking of making for a long time!  The one that looks like a leaf in the back is a “pup” (apparently that’s what you call those baby plants that your normal plants sometimes birth.  So are the two minis at the front right.  Hopefully they’ll take!  I still want to get little rocks to cover the soil, too… but that’ll have to wait for another time.


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  1. Hey-o Nice garden. Now I want one. Tina W

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