I finally got my tickets!

One weekend plus a few days at Stanford with Raghuvir!  The other few days and the next weekend in Portland with Sheena and Eric!  Yaayyy!!  I’ve never been to the West Coast before, so I’m really excited!  Plus of course seeing friends will be lovely.

But before that can begin, one more week of school.  Prospectives visiting Monday and Tuesday, so I’ve gotta prepare by reading a lot this weekend because during those two days, it is very likely that no work will get done outside of class.

Plus I’ve got a bagful of blue books to grade now.  Thank god it’s just midterms and not a fresh round of papers.  They take -waaayy- less time to grade.

Today I spoke German for an hour and played hacky sack afterward with the German department kids… really took me back to high school, outside the gas station I worked at in Holly… I don’t know if I liked it.


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  1. Hi, have a wonderful time with your friends @ West Cost.

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