tee shirt weather

So this evening, while washing dishes and reflecting on my day, I found myself thinking about all the tee-shirts I noticed.

I noticed two that kids in my section were wearing:
one Earth Wind and Fire red-circle-yellow-print logo shirt (of course, that’s the first one I noticed)
one black “Schrödinger’s cat is dead.” shirt

And then someone in seminar was wearing a “Same shirt. Different day.” tee-shirt.

This is a remarkable number of tee-shirts to have noticed, I think.  At least, that was my first thought, after having been able to have brief internal discourses about each of the tee-shirts.  I mean, all in all, I was thinking about tee-shirts for a rather longer time than I’d have expected.

And then I realized it’s because today was so warm that people were wearing them.  Even I wore one today (no words on it).

Anyway, I was surprised to realize that I noticed a lot of people’s tee-shirts.  And I realized that I like winter clothes better because they’re not as in-your-face.  Nothing to read usually, unless it’s a big, single word, like “BROWN”…  But tee-shirts: it’s like a billboard for you to say things.  It’s too distracting, or something.

But also then I thought that maybe I was noticing so many people’s shirts because it is St Patrick’s Day and all day I was curious to see how many people wore green still.  I’d estimate somewhere around 70%.  (Though 0/2 professors.)  Kind of surprising.  I expected fewer to care, or more to pretend they didn’t care.

So I noticed a lot of people’s clothes today.  I could say more about what precisely people were wearing (a fair number of hunter green sweaters, one girl with green pants, one blue polo, one fake razorblade necklace…), but it’s largely uninteresting and probably would very quickly become too creepily detailed.

So now in conclusion, even though more people than usual were wearing tee-shirts, I was also unusually observant.  Whew, bet you’re glad you read that.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Dani on April 7, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Haha, oh, Alex.

    I miss You!


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