For the past couple of years, I’ve had the firm belief that, in any narrative art, if at the beginning a character is seen coughing for no obvious reason, he or she will be dead or near dead of tuberculosis by the end.

My theory has been confirmed once again: by the Polish animated short in the Academy Award compilation.  A little bit of wife coughing, then a little more, then bloody coughing in the bathroom, and dead by the end.

I’ve got some pictures finally, hah!

It’s some more of my room:

michigan driftwood from lake superior, front and center!

leslie's photos! so pretty!! (see earlier post for links to her site)

another photo by leslie!

I framed the last one myself, with a frame, a mat, and a backing kit from Michael’s.  I wanted an unfinished wood frame, and this was the only one I could find.  I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

So, birthday this week: silver anniversary!  (Thanks for the tip, Dad – I definitely used that phrase every time I mentioned it, haha!)

I also thought: if 25th is the silver anniversary, and 50th is the gold… once people start living so long that they have 100th anniversaries, will those be platinum?  And after that, double and triple platinum?  I think the right answer is, Definitely yes.

Also, sshhhh but Lady Gaga might be at Lollapalooza this year!!!!  (omg Mark, it’s gonna be so awesome.)

Aaaand what else. Nothing, lots of work.  Finally got all those awful eraser rubbings off my desk, now that grading is temporarily over.

And that wasn’t actually the census letter; it was only the warning about the soon-to-arrive census letter.  Which, if the one-week warning is correct, will arrive Monday, eee!

Oh, and my parents gave me a WaterPik (remember: birthday).  I like the tongue scraper.  A lot.  But really all the tips are good and clean and fun (and by extension I suppose also good, clean fun).

Lord, too long.  Gotta go copy notes anyway.

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