Three (And A Half) Theses On Paper Writing

1a. It’s not necessary to present every single objection you think of.

1b. Sometimes, it is better not to write certain objections if it allows you the space to explain and develop those objections that don’t get cut.

2. I was an undergraduate.  I know when margins are off, I know when it’s not double-spaced, and I know when the font isn’t 12pt.  I even had a friend who changed the character spacing.  I’m not fooled.  (Plus, I need that space in margins and between lines to write my comments!)

3. Pithiness is a virtue.  (Heavy rhetoric, obscurity, and verbosity are vices.)

So grading is going well.  Um, nearing completion (only to have more thrust upon me in a week).  But through some miracle I’m managing to keep up with readings, too.  And I even saw a movie yesterday.  It was a lovely weekend, too: sunny, low fifties.  Also Trader Joe’s has delicious food that is a regrettably rare treat for me to enjoy.

Pictures soon, I swear. …


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