It’s like I’m living a Professor Layton puzzle…

What do you do if you want to change all your “~p” instances in a paper to “p” and all the “p”s into “~p”s?  I just had this very problem.  And if you change all the ~p’s to p’s first, then you just have all p’s and then you can’t find and replace for only the ones that were originally p’s.  So you have to change all the ~p’s to something unique, like 03c6, and then change all the p’s into ~p’s, and then change all the 03c6’s to p’s.

Yep.  That’s the kind of day it’s been.

Oh, but for reading all that, here’s a treat: I got these hilarious little guys at the Salvation Army in Newport.

It’s salt and pepper shakers and a toothpick holder.  So cute.  The dad has a pipe!  A pipe!

Looking at these reminds me that the other day at Borders there was a koala stuffed animal that was sort of dressed as a panda.  Like, it had a panda hat (one of those hats that is made to look like the head of the thing) and a t-shirt with a panda on it… I can’t find it online now, but it was really weird.


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