new year’s fun

I miss going out to clubs and dancing… I used to do it a fair amount, but not anymore.  But every time I go home, I get to go out with my dear wonderful Lydia!  And New Year’s was no exception.  Sangria in Royal Oak (I don’t even like sangria–too fruity), but this place was super fun.  It’s usually a salsa club, so they played a bunch of reggaeton… which I love.  There were some older couples that clearly knew their salsa, too, which was a treat to see.

Plus, I got the best dress.  Right off the mannequin at the store.  Yessss…

We got our picture taken and posted online by After5 Detroit… I don’t really know what that is.

I will see and be seen, After5Detroit! (Click for photo source...)

Please note how awesome that dress is.  Tiers of satin and lace, -sigh-.  Also it has an open back.  I’m holding the business card the guy taking the picture handed me.  Also, we don’t know the guy on the right.  Haha!  New Year’s Eve, what a great time.


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  1. Posted by Aunt Kathie on January 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Yoou look great!!

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