purple cauliflower

Zounds!  At the supermarket the other day, Nic and I got the following exciting item:

cauliflower, new member of the family orchidae

It doesn’t taste much different than regular cauliflower.

Also, I was sick for a few days during and after the conference.  But my plan this time around was to eat a lot.  Usually I just drink a lot of liquids and sleep excessively, but this time, I also took medicine (somewhat of a rarity for me) and ate way more than normal.  And I think it helped!  I’m almost all better!  Last time I got this cold was while I was moving–it lasted for a month and I lost my voice completely.  So I think I did better this time.

so much sodium

Then, today, I made this:

the classy black background is my sweatshirt

… in an effort to rip off this:

It’s like $200 and I spent just over $5 and an hour making it.  So there!  (Although I made a bracelet… I thought it was one when I saw the picture initially, and I like it better that way still.  And my fingers still hurt from working with the tiny metal pieces.)

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Aunt Kathie on November 14, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    You’ll have to try the real thing and make your chicken soup from scratch. It really is easy to do – love ya

  2. very nice looking puple cauliflower in the picture, the color is prettier than in the supermarket.
    nice work on the jewelery also, your friends will amazed.

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