richard the canadian supports animal rights.

X was always the hardest letter for me to deal with when we did acrostic poems in school.  Seriously, I had to waste 1/9 of my name on a stupid xylophone or x-ray.  It was a real breakthrough when I went to camp and my counselor had made us all acrostics to label our beds… and there, where it should’ve said xylophone, stood Xcellent.  I couldn’t believe it.  Her name didn’t even have an X.  I even remember it: Amanda Mills.  No X, and still she made a better acrostic of my name than I had in all my ten or so sentient years.  Speaking of sentience of youth, I went to a Peter Singer lecture.  Look–doodles!!


click to see in full-sized doodly glory!

Crafted with a Pilot V-Ball RT, Extra Fine.


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