Eastside Marketplace Adventures

me: Oh man, hahaha–this tea is made from twigs!!
Nic: What’s so funny about that?
me: Come on, it’s twigs!  It’s like saying this tea is made from bark.  Seriously, come on!
Nic: Well tea’s just leaves.  What’s the difference between twigs and leaves?  I think they’re equally as ridiculous.
me: I eat leaves all the time.  I eat all kinds of leaves.  Like lettuce–that’s all leaves.
Nic: Who’s the hippie now?!

but really, (a) I hate hippies, and (b) eating leaves is not ridiculous.  I mean, fruit and nuts are plants reproductive parts!!!  I’m just eating the leaves, jesus.

In other news, I’m going to buy and try that tea someday.


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