goodbye bicycle

I gave my bike to a hobo today.

It’s not as exciting as it sounds.  I was going to give it away (and buy a new one) anyway because I hate it, and I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it on the graduate listserv or craigslist or whatever.  And I had it locked up in front of the apartment, and a homeless guy rang our doorbell and asked if any of the bikes outside were possibly for sale.  So I just gave him mine.

And that’s the story.  He said he’s a Christian and I answered his prayers.

I also have to spend the next three weeks helping a middle-aged friend from Chicago (whose daughter I tutored back in the day) with her own math class now.  Yep, that’ll be fun. …  I don’t mind, but I have got things to do … I just need to organize my time better and it’ll work out fine.

Which is why I’m now blogging (…) and preparing to watch an 84-minute Czech experimental animation of Alice in Wonderland.  But I did reading before… -sigh-

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