sheena’s back!

By way of retroactive update:

I took a trip (two trips?) to NY and DC right before school started because my dear friends have returned from the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa!!  Selected highlights below!

come on, the u.s. isn't that bad...

sheena's thrilled to be home. <3

"a combination of the two best foods on earth" -eric

it's ziti pizza: pizza, but with ziti pasta topping. yes, seriously.

sheena's mii: now tell me she doesn't look exactly like this

sheena's mii (not from ny, but i'll take this opportunity to display it). now tell me she doesn't look exactly like this.

Exciting events from NY:

*duh, seeing sheena and eric after two years
*spa mani/pedi/facials with the girls
*lovely dinner party in brooklyn

Exciting events from DC:

*seeing xuyang, a close college friend of mine, and two other good friends long not seen
*another lovely dinner party
*East Wing of the National Gallery with sarah, very awesome

Exciting events associated with DC:

*riding there and back with sarah, long talks and good times!
*a mini-trip to New Haven to the above end, but which included …

Exciting events from New Haven:

*architecture tour (guided by me, haha) of yale’s campus
*new haven pizza! and bar! and people!
*the goofiest cat I’ve ever met

More retroactive updating to come….


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