ahhh bunnies!!!

So I spent like an hour yesterday watching youtube videos of bunnies.  Also some kittens, but mostly bunnies.  Here are some highlights.

Bunny eating dandelions.

Another bunny.

And… another bunny. This one’s notable for having the fattest, fluffiest little face ever.

I can’t believe these videos were all on the same channel… those guys know cute.

In other news, Chicago went well.  I spent the last night at the dance tent, Perry’s.  It was really awesome… an hour and a half with Deadmau5 translates into tons of fun and great exercise.

Other highlights of the Chicago trip:
– finally went up in the Sears (er, “Willis”) tower–with this crazy new addition to the skydeck… a couple of enclosed glass balconies that you can walk  into and dangle over Wacker Drive.
–  went to Adler Planetarium (eh) for the first time, ate some space food (delicious).
– went to Devon with Raghuvir and had South Indian food for the first time: dosas, uttapam, sambar, coconut chutney, and other things whose names I don’t remember.
– saw friends for UC Pub trivia night.
– had Jamba Juice multiple times.
– helped Raghuvir pick out fancy clothes (paisley tie!!).
– saw the Perseids meteor shower!!  even in Chicago it was sort of visible.

And since I’ve come back, it’s been some work, more play (um, let’s recall the bunny video incident…), but the tides seem to be turning.  So that’s it for now!


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