food pyramid diet

Nic and I started eating according to the food pyramid!  It’s pretty difficult, but not as impenetrably so as I had thought.

It’s hardest to get the requisite dairy and protein…  I mean, I just don’t eat that much meat, to say nothing of beans and nuts!  We have been trying to eat edamame and almonds as snacks to help out with that.

Also, it should be noted that the food pyramid has completely changed since I learned about it.  It actually doesn’t make sense as a pyramid now.  It used to have brick-like pieces and be stacked so that it made sense to be a pyramid.  But now, it’s like vertical slices–a bunch of triangles of varying thinness.  Pfft.  Just give up and make it a pie chart already.

Enjoy some pictures of the last supper (Friendly’s, mmm).

nic rarin' to get at the chicken strips and loaded waffle fries

nic rarin' to get at the chicken strips and loaded waffle fries

and a sundae to top it all off

and a sundae to top it all off

That was last Friday, I think.  So it’s been a week!  It’s going well.  But it’s easier to eat healthy in the summertime, I think.  Sweltering heat doesn’t mix well with heavy food.

In other news: I’m finally getting back to work and movie-watching.  I’m increasing my DVD collection to include movies I really like (i.e., increasing from one to something like seven).  We installed two AC units in our apartment, and our lives have improved.  Last, this morning, I planted some seeds in pots on the balcony (sweet pea, moonflower, celosia, and basil).  Hopefully they’ll grow!

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  1. Posted by Aunt Kathie on July 30, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Glad to see you are back and enjoying figuring out the food pyramid – Good luck with that. Yes, I agree that it is easier to eat sensibly in the Summer.

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