Lord Lord finally an update.

So we had to move, which was a pain.  And I was really sick during it all.  I had the same cold I always do: horrendously sore throat, bad cough, lost voice.  At the end of the move, we couldn’t seamlessly begin living in our new apartment, either–the landlord wanted to thoroughly clean, so we couldn’t move in until the fifth of June.  So we spent June 1-5 in New York with friends.  It was nice, but I was still sick, so I have been happy to be finally home and resting–and nearly recovered, I’m happy to say!

In NY: a day in Central Park with Raghuvir (totally awesome), Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition at the Guggenheim, Exit the King on Broadway with Paul McKenney (!) and a friend, gallery hopping in Chelsea, hanging out with Dani and co., getting rained on.  Overall: a decidedly good time.

But, you might recall the Mississippi Mud issue from a few posts ago, and some time ago before that… but it turned out that the incoming tenants reneged on their allowance of the color, so I had to repaint the room.  (Yes, while sick.)  Grrr.  But I spackled!  It wasn’t very glamorous, but the holes were pretty huge…

wall anchors

wall anchors, having been totally destroyed by removal...


...left holes like this in the wall...


...which were then spackled...


...and painted over. but i'm not a pro spackler, so you can still *kind of* see it. which on the other hand makes this picture not completely pointless.

Also, Nic got his hair straightened (by me)–man, too indie to handle!  …At least in this picture.  p.s. Nice posture–my mom would be proud, haha.  ;)

the streaky lighting makes it even better

Yep, so that was the worst move ever, but I’m over it now.  And I’m going to Michigan on Sunday–hooray!!  I really just cannot wait.  I’m so sick of the east coast for now.

Although even I will admit this week has been pretty fun.  Highlights/brief summary:

-moving in/getting everything in its proper place/giving things proper places (but I really like organizing, so it was actually kind of fun)
-Arby’s (soon, more Arby’s… much more… ahh, Michigan’s the best)
-curried chicken salad and Planet Earth DVD’s with a friend
The Hangover (surprisingly funny)
Raise the Red Lantern (Chinese movies are totally awesome)
-Wrentham outlets (*finally* got replacement loafers!) and Friendly’s (mmm)
-Eddie’s and Sons (a fabulous diner downtown where Nic and I have a “usual” and the waitresses know our names)
-homemade pizza dinner that actually wasn’t terrible (I suspect due to the dough being purchased from a pizza place)
-oh yeah, and spontaneous rhubarb compote/sauce.  I bought a stalk of rhubarb because roommates had never tried it raw… this one wasn’t actually very flavorful, so I turned chopped it up and…

so easy to make

nommy nom nom

still warm, on ice cream

still warm, on ice cream


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