nielsen, partie deux: the roller coaster

+ Another warning postcard and subsequent Nielsen blue envelope arrived this week!

– It was the same survey we filled out before. (For those who don’t recall or have any idea what the hell I’m talking about.)

+ I filled it out with all the same zeal as before.

+ There were another two dollars!

– No pictures this time.  Sorry.  They would’ve been pretty much exactly the same as the other ones.

– We’re moving, and worry we won’t get any in our new home.  (By “we,” I of course mean “I”.)

+ There was a place to give the new/correct address.  So I put our new one in.

– I wrote the wrong address down.  Because I suck.  I wrote “Prescott” instead of “Preston” street because our new address is 49 Preston, and an old address of mine (and Asa’s family for a long time) was 40 Prescott… so I just wrote it without thinking.  I only realized my folly this morning, which is to say, *after* having sent it.  And I wrote the wrong zip because I forgot that it will change.  DAMMIT. Let the lamenting commence.

And thus conclude the ups and downs that were the second Nielsen survey.

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