post-vacation update

So I’ve got some updating to do.  Asa’s was fun.  I mostly did work, but we did some fun things, hung out with his friends, played games… I spent my days eating Moonpies, watching movies, playing Railroad Tycoon, doing work, and of course spending time with his landlords’ cat, Marly, who has the softest, grayest paws.

mini moonpie

Then my parents came, and I didn’t get any work done.  My dad was pretty busy most of the weekend, but I must say that I was very impressed at his ability to navigate Boston’s hideously serpentine streets.  Sounded like he had a fun time officiating, too.

My mom and I did a little bit of touristy stuff in Boston (I finally saw the inside of H.H. Richardson‘s Trinity Church!).  We also went to Ilex and had dinner with Asa’s mom, which was nice.  Of course we went to Chinatown as well.  My poor mom and her lack of Chinese markets in Michigan.  She picked me out some new chopsticks.  They’re bright red.  I also got delicious candy.

The three of us had dinner at a pretty great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant there, too.  My mom’s got a real knack for picking out good places to eat–even in Taiwan, she seemed to gravitate to really cheap, authentic, delicious food (with the occasional exception for seafood…).  All in all, great times.

silly mom

silly mom

yay ilex!

yay ilex!

at brookline booksmith, mom wants her picture taken with an obama stand-up

at brookline booksmith, mom wants her picture taken with an obama stand-up


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