Tight Lunch Box

very nutritious

very nutritious

all packed up!

all packed up!

I went to the library today, and these were the snackies I took.  Asa got me the little box for Christmas.  It’s pretty adorable.  The label that was on it said “Tight Lunch Box”… and the Japanese for it was just all cognates.  But I couldn’t believe how perfectly everything fit!  Yay!!


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  1. Posted by Dad on February 4, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    Chinese call it a ‘bian dang'(4th,1st tones). I think the Jappanese call it a ‘ben dang.’ The larger compartment would be filled with rice, the smaller with meat/fish and vegetables. They are taken to school or work, placed in a large steamer and heated. They are ubiquitous in the far east.

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