Paradigm Shift

I’m trying a new notebook model.  I’ve taken notes many different ways in the past: quad ruled, college ruled, wide ruled, unruled; cloth bound, spiral bound (plastic and wire), unbound; legal pads, steno pads, sketchbooks, composition books, those monstrous five-subject things, cute Asian forty-page exercise pads … and this is the next stage of my note-taking evolution.



just for show (you're free to ignore the notes, but i think the layout on the inside is nice, too.)

just ignore the notes. the point is to show how i've done the layout on the inside. and the pages are unruled.

I think they’re pretty classy.  So far, they’re working well.  I have to write with regular ballpoint pens, rather than the usual rollerball.  Otherwise, it bleeds through the page a little.  But there’s something nice about using a black Bic Cristal (r, c, tm…).  There is even a vertical pocket inside the back cover of each notebook, so handouts don’t fall out all the time.  I like that they’re not too fussy about their inner margins, what with their binding and all.  They’re not as tight as composition books… I hate that those things can never lie flat, and your writing gets smushed and distorted at the inner edges of the pages, ugh.  I also actually like that they have rounded corners.  Other notebooks’ corners (cough: Mead 70-page spiral-bound) always get bowed and creased in bags/backpacks.  Although who knows what’ll happen with these over the course of a semester.  To be continued in a few months…

So, at first I was taken aback by the “About author” content to the right of the entries, but now I kind of like it.  I especially like the lack of a period at the end.  (The tempt to omit that final period was great, but I overcame it.)


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