my jewelry, now available in a real store!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to sell my jewelry at a local store, Queen of Hearts/Modern Love. (It’s two storefronts that are linked together, like uhh, Gap and Gap Kids, you know? How there’s like a hole in the wall where you can go through to the other one? But just one owner.)

So I designed (DIY-ed) some jewelry display cards for both the necklaces and earrings. I think they look pretty cool actually! And they match my new business cards (which I may not have posted anywhere… I’ll get on that, too).

Those are some earrings I made. These seem to be a perennial hit, and I need to get around to making, photographing, and posting more of them in different variations (different color pearls and wire).

Notice the letterpress-ish detail in the corner. It’s actually made with a metal stamp, but looks pretty cool, huh? Also that’s the logo I designed… Not exactly professional quality, but I’m not exactly a professional.

For internet wanderers who may be wondering how I did this: I used a metal ruler to fold a normal size business card in half (I don’t have a bone folder or anything), stuck it with some double-sided tape (that stuff is seriously SO strong!), and used a hole punch for the hole. And decorated as I pleased. :)

In other news: I DID MY TAXES TODAY!!!! YAAYYYY – that refund is coming my way!!!!!


from my friends at laphroaig


(from yesterday)

infelicitous phrasing

A sentence found in the wild (of college papers):
“Scientifically speaking when we view something of color light is reflecting off of that particular object…”

Ignoring the lack of commas, but “something of color”?

Briefly, Google hit tallies:

“person of color” ——- 4,040,000
“persons of color” —– 2,650,000
“people of color” ——- 14,000,000
(“women of color” + “woman of color” = 5,840,000
“men of color” + “man of color” = 8,460,000)


“thing of color” ——— 40,200
“something of color” — 38,700 
(Two orders of magnitude fewer hits!)

Hmmm. Sounds like a task for Language Log.

socrates WOULD say that

socrates WOULD say that

Thanks everyone! 100!!!

An item of mine got featured in an Etsy email this week! (It wasn’t the only one – it was one among many items featured).

But as of today, I hit ONE HUNDRED SALES! YAY!

Thanks everyone! I’m still having fun doing this and I’m pretty happy with how the store is going! I will say – I’m thinking of renaming though… a new name is in the works. More details to come!

green, starchy, and green and starchy

Green. This one’s from a while ago:

Basically there’s nothing interesting besides – fiddlehead ferns! (Actually, I think that chicken was really good… having a probe thermometer makes a really big difference.) They’re only available like two weeks out of the year, so it was pretty exciting. They taste pretty good… really green.

Starchy. And this one I made like two days ago – it’s INSANELY EASY. And seriously delicious, obviously, since it’s fresh bread: warm, soft, yeasty, a little crunchy…

A fellow philosopher recommended the recipe(ss), and as he explained, “I didn’t know how they got the ‘pocket’ to happen, but I made it, and it just happened!” Reminds me of poori. But yeah, they just inflate in the oven! It’s amazing and wonderful. If you do make them (which you obviously should), the most important part for me was wrapping them with damp paper towels right when they get out, otherwise they are too crunchy and probably wouldn’t be pliable. I couldn’t make whole wheat ones because I couldn’t find either whole wheat bread flour or gluten at my local grocery store.

But seriously, it’s UNBELIEVABLY EASY. A one-armed infant monkey could make them. (Well maybe not, but they are really easy…)

And of course I made hummus to eat with them, but I guess I don’t have a picture of that. It looks like hummus. But I think it’s pretty good – I’ve combined some different recipes into one I like a lot: besides basic stuff (tahini, chickpeas, garlic, salt), it has yogurt (for creaminess), olive oil, and lots of cayenne and some fresh mint (heats you up, then cools you down!).

Green and starchy. As you may recall from this post, I sometimes make pasta. So I finally decided to try spinach pasta, and it’s (1) beautiful, and (2) really, really delicious. These pictures are from, uh, March maybe? I used Marcella Hazan’s recipe (if that weren’t obvious, since basically everything that I make that’s Italian is from her cookbooks).

This + tomato-onion-butter sauce = silky, to die for.

Also my adviser said that I have to make a couple of Marcella’s recipes for artichokes… so I guess I have to learn to like those. I trust Marcella… maybe my adviser, we’ll see.

P.S. There’s now a ‘cooking’ category and tag, so here’s a link to all the cooking posts over the past 2.5 years.

moral expertise conference, princeton

from Spring 2011:

(Again, Pilot PreciseGrip Extra Fine. See all doodles. Usually the stuff I post takes one hour, i.e., the length of a Q&A session, but this one took a couple of hours. It was a two-day conference… or three?)

It was a fun conference. Dana and I went down and stayed with some of her friends there. I got to meet a bunch of other grad students from the area – and lots of professors too. Learned a good deal, and saw lots of our professors present, which was pretty cool.

Also it was the first time I’ve been to Princeton, which is a really pretty, but weird and kind of unnerving campus. Especially since it was some sort of “Spring Weekend”-“Summer Breeze”-weird fest thing going on. Lots of skin showing, accompanied by lots of yelling.